Thank you to everybody who sent in questions to Iman via the 21ShumpStreet contact form.

Q: Who was your favorite NBA player growing up? I am a huge fan from Alaska and would love a reply. It would mean a lot. You are the future of my favorite organization and I hope you win a championship during your Knicks and NBA career. - Elijah

Iman Shumpert: Outside of Michael Jordan it was Jason Kidd.

Q: How do you defend taller opponents that can dribble and shoot? -Xzavia

IS: I don’t give them any respect. And if they got hot I don’t even let them touch the ball.

Q: Hi Iman! Love you man, can’t wait till you’re back. Hey, where did you come up with 21 shump street? - Deana

IS: We call stopping someone parking them. And when “21 jump st” came out a fan called me “21 shump st” so it just made sense. 

Q: Will you visit st johns university at all this year? - Tim Maticic

IS: Maybe, sometimes I just pop up!  

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